Vibrators (Recharging Your Batteries)

Vibrators [Recharging Your Batteries]
Ahhh, you’ve done all your chores and dirty work for the day and it’s time to play.  So, you pull out your little pal and say to yourself, “we’re not so different.” Fact is, we all need to be recharged from time to time. Life isn’t always a bucket of rainbows because some people feel the need to act like they only open yellow fuckin’ Starbursts. Take some time to recharge your batteries and remember that even Kendrick Lamar knows how important this is (b*tch, don’t kill my vibe-rator).

Dirty Little Action Steps:
1: The OG Netflix & Chill: Seriously… turn on Netflix, actually watch Netflix, relax, fall asleep
2: Take a walk, stretch, get some sun, think, reflect, be thankful
3: If you’re a go-getter, sleep in or try taking a nap. I know… you don’t want to because you need to accomplish 1,591 things today. Well, get some of that shit done and then relax
4: If you’re not quite the go-getter, then create a to-do list & set an alarm. Get ahead in your life, feel great, and you can afford to not be quite the go-getter
5: Clean your house, tidy up. It doesn’t hurt to play some music and rock out
6: Chase the monkey, jack off, pet the kitty, tickle the pickle, slap the cat
6: Catch up on life. Call your family and friends… call your money and ask where the fuck it’s at (hello…budget, are you there?)…
7: Hit the gym. Hell, you don’t even have to lift weights… you can just check out all the hotties

Dirty Little Secret:
Get your next week ready for next week BEFORE it’s next fuckin’ week. Try making a plan to get your must-get-shit-done first, and then setting up a relax day or night (picnic, movies, the real Netflix & Chill, etc.).

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