Ho, Ho, Holy Shit I Spent Too Much This Xmas!

Pretty self-explanatory…

If you’ve spent too much money this holiday season, here are some tips for staying on track next year!

· My personal fave, Tip 1: Tally up how much you spent and divide it by 12. This is how much you might consider saving each month in preparation for next year’s festivities.

· Tip 2: Make a shopping list and check it twice. Write it down, you got this!! People, $ amounts, month that the money is needed. Future planning is more fun when it saves you time, energy, and money…trust me. #Adulting.

· Tip 3: Have any gifts or items at home that are pretty awesome but you don’t use or need them? Re-gift (with common sense, of course).

If you’re considering a New Year’s resolution to watch your spending a little more closely, good for you! Don’t view this resolution as restrictive! Thorough money planning may actually lead to more money, or at least more purposeful spending…aka more happiness. Yay!

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

One thought on “Ho, Ho, Holy Shit I Spent Too Much This Xmas!

  • December 22, 2017 at 5:52 pm

    I love Tip #1! Definitely going to try that this year to help for next year. Thanks Jordan!


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