About FWFB

Friends With Financial Benefits was developed as a money guide for young professionals. The problem is, young professionals only care about the 3 B’s, none of which are budgeting:

  • Booze
  • Boners
  • Boobs

After scrolling through 69 of the 1,000,000 finance blogs online, I decided that this boring shit needed a makeover. So, I’ve intertwined sexual connotations with personal finance, with a small glimmer of hope that you will be entertained enough to learn something new and better your life. It’s a wild ride, so hold on to your ass…

For those of you looking to get your nipples wet but not quite go balls deep, you’ll want to check out Missionary (The Basics). These basics provide us with our foundation, which starts with Being CEO of Y.O.U., a must read when you’re ready to start making positive impacts towards your future. I know what you’re thinking… “can we just talk about sex?” Well, no…but you’ve come to the right place!

Why Do I Care About You?
I want what is best for you. Why? I’m actually a pretty decent guy. And, another main reason why I want to help you is because I’ve seen “professionals” selling people the wrong products and overselling people on the right and wrong products. Of course, I also see friends and family making plenty of money and then blowing it on frivolous objects and unplanned things they “need.”

Seriously, I love helping others and I am here to help you live a better life! If you’re not quite ready for my Jedi fucking mind tricks, then sit back and enjoy the humor. Either way, I encourage you to come join me on this challenge because you will soon realize that a tiny bit of improvement goes a long way…