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You Ask The Questions… She’ll Answer!
If you didn’t already know…girls run the world. So, you might as well post your questions in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you with some witty responses.

Math Practice...65 − = 62




Jessica… How often do I need to review my budget?
Answer: According to Nicole, “A recent study showed that 19% of women think of sex daily, if not several times per day, and two-thirds of women surveyed were thinkin’ about it at least on a weekly basis. If only we were thinking about our money that much!”

-Consider setting time aside to review your budget weekly or bi-weekly by setting a reminder in your phone or on your calendar! Checking your budget often doesn’t mean more work…
-The more you review your budget, the less it will catch you off guard = the less time you will spend budgeting!
-Get in a routine that works for you: budgeting doesn’t have to be long and drawn out, try this quickie budget

Grace… How do I know when I’m saving enough towards retirement?
Answer: In your 20’s and 30’s, there’s a lot of “life” that’s still going to happen, which makes it hard to predict the perfect number. Try a simple retirement estimation tool like the one at Vanguard. It’s important to live and enjoy life now, but you also want to live and enjoy life in retirement – find your happy medium!

-The return on investment will depend on how risky you are (5-6% = conservative, 7-8% = aggressive)
-The “percentage of current income needed” will largely depend on lifestyle choices. For example, you’ll need a higher percentage of current income if you carry a home mortgage into retirement or have car payments.