Pop The Cherry (Just Start!)

Pop The Cherry [Starting A Budget]
Your first budget will probably feel really tight…and yeah, it’s okay to be a little afraid. The truth is, lots of us get caught up in the moment, stress out, and finish way too fast. Think about your budget like your first time having sex, your best bet is to start slow and ease into it. If all else fails, try just the tip. Slow and easy, baby.

Dirty Little Action Steps:
1: Track your current spending

2: Use your current spending habits to outline your first budget

3: Make small improvements over time (ie: reduce spending by 10% on ‘X’ budget category)

4: Repeatedly set goals to reduce spending and tighten your budget to a comfortable level

Dirty Little Secret:
Consider laying down a sheet to catch all the action, perhaps an Excel spreadsheet (that’s what I use, at least). Think of descriptive and meaningful financial goals, and the ‘WHY’ for your want to establish and follow a plan. Goals such as early retirement (how early), saving for college (how much, for who?), changing career fields (when? e-fund needs?), or buying a new house (where? when? down payment goal?) will provide a large motivational factor and help you stay on a successful path.

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