Lubrication [Insurance]
Car insurance in your glove box? Check! Lubrication in your night stand? Check! Let me guess, you didn’t know there were similarities between insurance and lube? How about the fact that we need to have them, you know… just in case you’re getting fucked. Having nice lubrication will help you ease in and out of life’s tightest holes.

House floods, lube. Fender bender, lube. Broken foot, lube. “I like to lube it, lube it. I like to lube it, lube it. I like to lube it, lube it. I like to… LUBE IT!”

Dirty Little Action Steps:

1: Double Check Work Benefits- Nearing the end of the calendar year, many companies have their “open enrollment” for selecting benefits. Remember to set aside time to carefully consider your benefit options, which is especially important as your life circumstances change. Often times, insurances such as medical, dental, eye, and life can only be changed once per year. Exceptions may be allowed if you or your family go through a major life event (ie: buying a home, getting married).

2: I bet you don’t check over your insurance policies year to year. If you did, I guess that’s pretty weird, but good work! If not, do a double check to ensure you have adequate coverage and peace of mind.

Dirty Little Secret:
Don’t put your hotdog in a hallway, choose your “best-fit” benefits. Incorrectly choosing your work benefits is like leaving money on the table. Yes, I understand that it can be somewhat costly to protect yourself and your family. But, in this case, the risk versus reward benefit of insurance protection largely outweigh the costs. Be prepared for the “just in case” moments in life, double check your insurance coverage today (car, rental, home, life, health, dental…).

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  • February 6, 2017 at 10:05 pm

    this couldn’t be more true!


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