Ho, Ho, Holy Shit I Spent Too Much This Xmas!

Pretty self-explanatory…

If you’ve spent too much money this holiday season, here are some tips for staying on track next year!

· My personal fave, Tip 1: Tally up how much you spent and divide it by 12. This is how much you might consider saving each month in preparation for next year’s festivities.

· Tip 2: Make a shopping list and check it twice. Write it down, you got this!! People, $ amounts, month that the money is needed. Future planning is more fun when it saves you time, energy, and money…trust me. #Adulting.

· Tip 3: Have any gifts or items at home that are pretty awesome but you don’t use or need them? Re-gift (with common sense, of course).

If you’re considering a New Year’s resolution to watch your spending a little more closely, good for you! Don’t view this resolution as restrictive! Thorough money planning may actually lead to more money, or at least more purposeful spending…aka more happiness. Yay!

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Let’s Make 2018 Look Even Better!

Looks like we’re finishing up 2017 with stocks roaring to record highs… why fix what’s not broken? As stocks rise (or fall), our portfolios have an increased likelihood of getting out of whack. Thus, tip #1 as we head into the new year is to review your asset allocation. As an example, you may have started the year with an 80% stock/20% bonds portfolio and as stocks have risen you may now be even more aggressively imbalanced at 90% stocks.

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Your $1M Retirement Goal Isn’t Enough…

What’s your retirement number? $1 million…$2…$3…$4… maybe $5 million?

It’s time to paint your retirement picture. How does it look? Consider your income needs:

  • House payment
  • Car payment
  • Travel
  • Routine daily living expenses

It’s time to think about your retirement goals because your daily actions TODAY will impact your future lifestyle and flexibility. I’m talking RETIREMENT money, not Walmart greeter money.

So, let’s say you answered $1 million. Did you know that inflation impacts the value of our future dollars? Over time, inflation increases the price levels for goods and services. This means that if you have $1,000,000 today, it’ll actually be worth close to $550,000 in 30 years when you’re closer to retirement (assuming 2% inflation). Read more

Football Season!

Patriots disappointed…
tons of college games today…
and the NFL season starts tomorrow for most teams!!!

That means it’s time for a checklist…

-Chips and salsa
-Burgers and hotdogs

Just like you have a checklist for the big game, you should have a checklist for your life [& financial life!]. To help find your zen and use your relaxation time to actually relax…try adding more organization to help keep your life in order! Checklists / to-do lists can have soooo many benefits.

I’m not saying you have to cross every item off your checklist…but hey, start by actually making a checklist. Once you have a checklist, you can add detail to the list by setting some time-frames and scheduling them into your calendar.

NFL kickoff is my zen! It’ll feel much better watching the games with an organized to-do list to help keep me smooth sailing. Use whatever works best for you… maybe a phone, notepad, or a calendar. And remember, a short pencil often works better than a long memory. Move that weight from your mind and shoulders to a piece of paper, add timelines, and conquer!

Fun Money

Heck yeah I spend money on fantasy football, sports equipment, travel, desserts, and gifts – you should too! Fun money is just as important as any other budgeted money category, right? Right!

Fun money helps to keep your life balanced. Your fun money could be used for anything that your heart desires…

Are you using yours wisely?!

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Financial Security

How To Be Secure In Your Own Finances
I feel pretty financially secure… maybe it’s because I have no debt. Maybe it’s because IDGAF about what others think. Instead of paying others (debts owed), I pay myself (savings). My only phone calls are from family and friends, which is how I prefer to live! I became secure when I determined what made me happiest – with no desire to drive my money, live in my money, or show-off with my money. By definition, financial security is how much peace of mind you have that your income will cover your expenses, emergencies, and goals.

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HAPPY is the new RICH!

Know Thy Self

Why is happy the new rich? Well, the old saying “money doesn’t buy happiness” is a good start. Whether you’re working, enjoying hobbies, or studying for your next exam… it’s very important to understand the true purpose behind what you’re doing. How important? Pretty fuckin important if you work ~40 hours a week full-time for a good portion of your life. Studies show that happier people tend to be healthier people – of course you want to be healthy! So, you probably should be searching for happiness in your career as well as your life! We can do it by figuring out Rule #1: Know Thy Self…

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C.E.O. Part II

Being C.E.O. of Y.O.U.R. Family – Part II
Congratulations, you’ve recently been promoted to the CEO of Y.O.U.R. Family. Let’s take another 20 year snapshot of your life. In this example, you make $75,000 per year. You are now in charge of a $1.5M, yes a 1.5 titty fucking million dollar operation.
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Stick It Out!

Mortgages & Long-Term Investing:
*Sexy Alert: you will always save money on interest payments over the course of a 15 year mortgage versus a 30 year mortgage. Now, let’s look at the options of investing and paying down your mortgage!
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Debt Payoff Vs. Investing

Debt Blows!
Debt is a ticking time bomb!





Shit… Read more

Millionaires Don’t Care What Others Think!

Warren Buffett is one of the top 3 richest people in the WORLD and he lives a frugal life, so what’s your excuse?

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How Does Your Selfie Really Look?

ME-llennial Mistakes To Avoid
You don’t need a shiny crystal ball to forecast your exact future. But, you will benefit from a little planning so that you can better position yourself for flexibility to achieve your dreams while minimizing your risks.

The millennial generation is said to be self-absorbed, so start acting like it by taking care of yourself. Maximize your potential and minimize your regrets. Regrets? You know, like that one night in college when… ok we won’t go there. Read more

4 Years of Partying…Part II

Student Loan Debt
You are probably close friends [or enemies] with student loans if you’ve hit that 4th year, 5th year…or maybe 6th year of college. Unlike Vegas, what happens at college often stays with you for over 10 years – not ideal.

So, what’s worse than graduating with the average student loan debt of ~$30,000? Answer: paying an additional $5,000-$10,000 of student loan interest. Here’s how you avoid this…

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Double D’s? How About Double C’s…

Double C’s (Credit Cards):
Double D’s are nice, tough argument. But, nothing gets me as excited as my cash back double C’s (credit cards). With so many credit card choices, it may be difficult to determine (1) if credit cards are right for you and (2) which one you should use!

Whether your preference is cash, points, or some mix and match… you need to know that YOU WIN when you’re in control. The CREDIT CARD COMPANY WINS most of the time, which is why they’re in business. So I’ll repeat, you must be in control. I don’t care how enticing the rewards program is, you will not benefit if you can’t consistently pay off your credit card debt on time. So…how do YOU win?!

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Getting It Up (Viagra For Your Credit Score)

Credit Scores…
Viagra for your credit isn’t something to be ashamed of, especially if you have trouble keeping it up. Unfortunately, your credit score impacts common loans that you may likely apply for throughout your life – think mortgages and auto loans. How would you like to save $50,000?

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The $300,000 Story

Envy [The $300,000 Story]
The $300,000 story starts with your age, plan, and discipline.

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Vibrators (Recharging Your Batteries)

Vibrators [Recharging Your Batteries]
Ahhh, you’ve done all your chores and dirty work for the day and it’s time to play.  So, you pull out your little pal and say to yourself, “we’re not so different.” Fact is, we all need to be recharged from time to time. Life isn’t always a bucket of rainbows because some people feel the need to act like they only open yellow fuckin’ Starbursts. Take some time to recharge your batteries and remember that even Kendrick Lamar knows how important this is (b*tch, don’t kill my vibe-rator). Read more

Blow Jobs (Budgets)

Everyone says I should start with a bang, but I’d honestly rather start with a Sexy Budget, mmm!

Blow Jobs [Are An Art, So Is Your Financial Life]
Blow jobs are 100% subjective – you get the idea of the complexity here. Just like blow jobs, your financial life and your budget are an art. No one knows what they like until they try a few different things – just like a budget! Stop going online to the 50/30/20% budget breakdowns, stop reading about 10% allocations for this, that, and the other, and start being the CEO of Y.O.U..

You are in charge of your life, needs, wants, goals, and cash flow. Figuring out what kind of blow job YOU want out of life is hugely important – today, tomorrow, this year, and for the rest of your life.

Dirty Little Action Steps:
1: THINK about it. What do you want? What will you regret not going after if tomorrow is your last? When you’re 70 and have your “Wall of Fame”, what will be the biggest accomplishment on your wall?

2: I encourage you to get crazy, step out of your comfort zone, and try to find the passion that is going to drive you to conquer your budget – because that passion does exist. You just need a better WHY.

3: Don’t think of a budget as a prison sentence, because it doesn’t constrict you. If followed, a budget will likely help you have MORE money to enjoy as you pursue your needs, wants, and goals.

Dirty Little Secret:
I like my blow jobs exactly how I like my budget updates – daily