C.E.O. Part II

Being C.E.O. of Y.O.U.R. Family – Part II
Congratulations, you’ve recently been promoted to the CEO of Y.O.U.R. Family. Let’s take another 20 year snapshot of your life. In this example, you make $75,000 per year. You are now in charge of a $1.5M, yes a 1.5 titty fucking million dollar operation.
Focus: it’s difficult to get to your destination when you change your direction every couple steps…

Do the words FAMILY and FUTURE have a new meaning to you? As the CEO of Y.O.U.R. Family, you’ll need to focus on effectively navigating your adult financial life. Do you want options for yourself and your family? Do you want debt or do you want freedom? What does freedom look like to you?

Truth is, life decisions will manifest themselves 4-5 years down the road. Whether your decisions and their outcomes are good, bad, or indifferent… those decisions will inevitably catch up to you sometime down the line. Great news, you have options as the CEO. You can run this shit into the ground, or build it up. So, here’s my 1 question for you: When you’re 70 and you have your “Wall of Fame”, what will be the biggest accomplishment on your wall?

Dirty Little Secrets:

(1) Communicate needs, wants, and goals with your spouse & family

(2) Figure out what you really want for your future

(3) Don’t be AVERAGE.. As Dave Ramsey would say, “average is broke…”

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