6 Seconds…

  • When is the last time you sanitized your Facebook or Twitter?
  • When is the last time you updated your LinkedIn page?
  • When is the last time you updated your resume?

Y.O.U. are a brand. Bet you knew that the average recruiter only looks at your resume for 6 seconds…right? Bet you also knew that 80% of jobs are never posted and are only found through networking…

You’re a smart, fuckable dude/dudette. So, get your other life together. I’m talking social media, LinkedIn, and resume. With these updated tools in your toolbox, you can effectively network and be up-to-date with the times.

  • Gym time? DUH
  • Cooking meals like a chef? Fuck ya
  • Watching Netflix? How else would I survive?!

Add some real life shit to this list and be a boss. And remember these sexy tips for your current job and future jobs…

  1. Perception is EVERYTHING: show up early, dress 1 step above your peers, meet deadlines
  2. Have a plan A, B, and C
  3. Resumes should go ~10 years back, 2 pages is ideal
  4. Prepare and practice your 30 second elevator pitch
  5. If career switching, determine your non-negotiables (40 hour work week, salary, location, travel…)
  6. Definitely include a cover letter when applying to jobs (cover letters show how YOU connect to the company)
  7. Things you negotiate salary around: skills, education, and experience

The reason for all of this preparation is because the REALITY is that professionals in today’s world tend to move jobs every 3 years. Isn’t it time for you to be at your best?

One thought on “6 Seconds…

  • June 17, 2017 at 5:01 am

    Good point. I am 4 months into my new job so it is time to update the resume and Linked In!


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